Sunday, February 15, 2009

When You Say That's So Gay: Commentaries

And I would quote:

However, several people felt offended about the ads, claiming that it is an invasion to freedom of speech and the right to oppose the gay agenda. As one YouTube commenter puts it:

"FREE SPEECH for everyone; special rights for NO ONE!

No, the majority of Americans will NOT ever recognize homosexuality as being normal and natural. It is an abomination in GOD's sight! GOD still loves those people and HE will forgive them if they repent from that sin, but it will never be a normal, natural, legitimate lifestyle."

Does that mean the religious should not have a special right to worship? I'm just saying. -Empress Maruja []
While reading some blogs over at, I was, well..., uhm, enraged with this particular italicized quote above. Why would they call LGBT rights as special rights? They are NOT and NEVER will they be special rights. They are simply the rights that were deprived from the LGBT community as citizens and as humans. Free Speech as they claim, or what we call Freedom of Speech, ends when we are to step on someone else's foot. They cry that they are being deprived of their freedom to speak on whatever they wanted to, then why can't they grant the LGBT community the freedom to live a normal and discrimination-free life.

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