Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Hell Of A Week

As I mentioned on my previous blogpost, I'd be starting my first day as a Team Leader / Operations Supervisor for Nokia Careline - Australia / New Zealand this Monday, and I did.

On my first day, I met with the country manager for Nokia - SEAP and the Site Director for Nokia Careline. I was really very nervous coz I dont wanna leave a negative impression on them. I tried my very best to please them and eventually we had a casual and smooth talk. I went home at 10pm.

Second day. I reported for work 9am and met up with my Operations Manager / Call Center Manager. We attended a workshop with the client and had our lunch around 1pm. Then I was tasked to conduct the final interview (Operations Interview) for all applicants. Ofcourse nawindang ang lola niyo kasi it was my first time to do that. And there are applicants that I really need to fail because wala talaga silang kahit anung puhunan; no customer service skills, no technical skills, and not even average communication skills. Others would beg that they have two kids and they really need to work hard and earn money. WOW!! Anu ito? DSWD?? Teh lumapit ka kay Mar Roxas, ramdam ka niya. haha. After a tiring day, I went home 10:47pm.

Third day, I am in solo flight. TL Addie opted to finish his clearance with Teletech today so I came in to work 12:34pm. I ran through all of the applicants and did their final interview. Syempre I got used to turning down incompetent applicants already. Same monotonous job as my second day. I went home 9:26pm.

Fourth day, I reported to work at 8:58am. Sabi ni boss: "natutulog ka pa ba? ang aga mo ah." I told myself, "I need money eh, buti may OT Pay ang Support positions." Yes!! You heard it right, WE ARE BEING PAID OT!! Yahoo!! We had our workshop until 2pm then TL Addie and I helped out with the recruitment. This would be the final day for Batch 1 recruitment. We finished everything and went home 11:00pm

Stress noh? My fifth day, coming up next.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ang Mahiwagang Ice Cream [imitates doraemon]

Ok so last Friday, I decided to accompany a friend to go to Healthway Trinoma to have his check up. Sabi ko sa kanya, dapat kasi araw araw uminom siya ng Yakult eh. Gabi gabi kasi, he would experience excruciating pain in his stomach.

So and so, the doctor said it was dyspepsia so he has to undergo two weeks of medication but let's not dwell on that much.

While I was waiting for him, I decided to treat myself for a banana butterscotch crepe at... uhm... I forgot the name of the crepe shop but it's on SM The Block beside KFC. Then I asked the waiter to take a picture of me so he did.

And this is that picture:

cute ko di ba? bwahaha

Saturday, August 22, 2009

On A Boring Sunday Afternoon...

Things aren't going well for me for the past few days. I feel like I am bewitched or something that I have to forcefully quit my job due to management instability, then days after that, my boyfriend and I broke up and now, my mom wants me to go home in the province.

I really love my mom so much. I just couldn't bear it whenever she asks me for a favor. Literally, natutunaw ang puso ko kapag nanay ko na ang nakikiusap. I am supposed to start with my new job tomorrow as Team Leader for Nokia - Australia/New Zealand. Then again, I'm still crossing my fingers that nothing untoward will happen and I will push through with my work tomorrow.

I logged in to friendster to send a message to my mom since I am too lazy to go down to have my cellphone credit reloaded. I told her that I can't go home just yet because I need to fix up my new job.
WOW!! Nagulat ako, narealize ko bigla, sosyal ang nanay ko at may friendster siya. I mean not all moms are really as cool as mine. My mom is techie. She is very updated with the latest gadgets that her current phone right now is an i-phone and that she really knows how to use all those pictures.

I'm really not worried about my ex-boyfriend and me breaking up cuz no matter how I try to resolve it, if he continues to refuse to talk about it, definitely, nothing will come out of that. I love him - however, circumstances does not allow me to send across this love. Besides, in times like these, my sole priority is getting myself a good job to place food on my table.

Anyway, I really would like to offer a prayer to our dear Lord for continuously showering me with blessings and never forsaking me:

"Dear Lord,

Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth. I thank you for continuously watching over me. For the the past days, I been through rough waters, but then again, Lord, I know you helped me through those. I will be starting my new job tomorrow. Please grant me wisdom so I may lead my team well. Lord forgive all my undertakings. Amen."