Saturday, August 22, 2009

On A Boring Sunday Afternoon...

Things aren't going well for me for the past few days. I feel like I am bewitched or something that I have to forcefully quit my job due to management instability, then days after that, my boyfriend and I broke up and now, my mom wants me to go home in the province.

I really love my mom so much. I just couldn't bear it whenever she asks me for a favor. Literally, natutunaw ang puso ko kapag nanay ko na ang nakikiusap. I am supposed to start with my new job tomorrow as Team Leader for Nokia - Australia/New Zealand. Then again, I'm still crossing my fingers that nothing untoward will happen and I will push through with my work tomorrow.

I logged in to friendster to send a message to my mom since I am too lazy to go down to have my cellphone credit reloaded. I told her that I can't go home just yet because I need to fix up my new job.
WOW!! Nagulat ako, narealize ko bigla, sosyal ang nanay ko at may friendster siya. I mean not all moms are really as cool as mine. My mom is techie. She is very updated with the latest gadgets that her current phone right now is an i-phone and that she really knows how to use all those pictures.

I'm really not worried about my ex-boyfriend and me breaking up cuz no matter how I try to resolve it, if he continues to refuse to talk about it, definitely, nothing will come out of that. I love him - however, circumstances does not allow me to send across this love. Besides, in times like these, my sole priority is getting myself a good job to place food on my table.

Anyway, I really would like to offer a prayer to our dear Lord for continuously showering me with blessings and never forsaking me:

"Dear Lord,

Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth. I thank you for continuously watching over me. For the the past days, I been through rough waters, but then again, Lord, I know you helped me through those. I will be starting my new job tomorrow. Please grant me wisdom so I may lead my team well. Lord forgive all my undertakings. Amen."


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