Sunday, February 8, 2009


Pagsali mo sa isang clan, siyempre and unang tanong sa iyo e yung ano yung ASL mo. ASL means age, sex and location. Then after mong sagutin ang question na iyan, malamang ang isusunod na itanong sa iyo eh yung stats mo, and minsan, kung top o bottom ka.
I find it disheartnening (and a big turn-off) whenever someone asks me for stats and if i prefer the top or bottom role. One good reason is that i never liked people making an illusionary protege of who I am based on the stats and description that I gave. (anu ako? tindera na kulang na lang ibenta ko sarili ko?) Minsan nga, pag may hindi sila nagustuhan s abinigay mong stat, bigla na lang silang hindi nagpaparamdam. Ooops, hindi pala minsan... Madalas! So whenever you give out your stats in a clan, you are passively contributing to the handful of discriminators around discriminating their own kind.
On issues of asking what sexual role you prefer, don't you think it's no longer necessary to ask this detail if you are striking a conversation with someone for the first time? Im sure hindi din naman sasagot yan. They will simply say "VERSA" ako to play safe.

I had the same poll question inNeo BL Texting Community and here are some of the response that are worth posting:

Stat info is ok. Top or Bottom, ayos lang. receptive naman ako, but I'd
rather answer it with somebody im dating.

Kapag stat lang yung ask, ok lang... Normal pa for me, pero kung top o bottom na, mejo turn off.

- Nat

Honestly kapag may nagtanong sakin if top or bottom ako, newbie man o hindi, TURN OFF din agad ako. Una ko kasing naiisip na malibog siya.

- Nobi

There's no harm in asking for such info... We prefer to know atleast something abouta person since each of us have our own preferences. Asking those info will lead us to find someone we can jive with o possibly more than we expect.

- RB

To ask someone his position in bed is immaterial in making friends. But when it comes to relationship, it is, at least a part of it.

- Kristian

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